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  Green Food Development Center, China, founded in 1992, is a specialized agency responsible for national green food development and management in subjection of the Ministry of Agricultureand emerged with the Green Food Management Office of the Ministry of Agriculture for official affairs. There are general office and divisions of trademark management,authentication, sci-techand standard, quality inspection, planning and finance, market and informaion etc. 42 local green food management agencies set up and 46 specially-designated quality inspection organizationsas well as 73 environmental supervision and monitoring organs of green food producing areas all over the country entrusted.

  The major functions of China Green Food Development Center include,

  under consignment of the Ministry of Agriculture, preparation of policy and planning for green food development, organization of working out and implementing green food standards;

  Authentication based on the standards;

  Quality control of Green Food based on “Law of Agro-Product Quality and Safety” and management of trademark based on “Trademark Law of The People’s Republic of China”;

  Organizing various activities related to Green Food, such as research, demonstration, technical extension, training, education and international exchange and cooperation etc;

  Providing guidance to the provincial and municipal branches, and coordinating the operation of quality inspection stations and environmental monitoring branches.

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